Your Journey Home

Knowing the path will travel together helps the journey go more smoothly. We have outlined some important highlights so you know what to expect along the way.

1. Get Pre-Qualified

The best way to approach a real estate agent is with a mortgage pre-qualification in hand. It shows that you’re ready and able to buy and allows you to more quickly make an offer on the home of your dreams.

2. Financial & Property Review

Your mortgage application asks for information about the property being considered for purchase and your financial situation. We will help you understand and compare your loan options and help you find a custom tailored solution that best suits your needs.

3. Prepare to Close

During this stage, we’ll review your property title to make sure it’s correct and schedule your closing date. At least three days before you close, we will provide you with your closing disclosure, which will include your interest rate, monthly payment, and how much money you will need to bring to closing. You will sign this document at closing, so look it over carefully.

4. Closing

Once you arrive at closing, you will meet with your settlement agent and review your closing documents. When all the paperwork is signed and you’ve paid any closing costs, you’ll get your keys to your new home. Now it’s time to celebrate!

Just remember, it’s really just 4 basic steps and you can count on GMM to help you every step of the way. Even after the boxes are unpacked, know that we are here for you if you have any additional mortgage questions or needs that may help you reach your homeownership goals.

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