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Your Journey Home

Knowing the path we are about to travel together helps the journey go more smoothly. Before you get started, we have outlined some important highlights so you know what to expect along the way.
We will work with you to find the right balance between what you can afford and what you can qualify for - all custom tailored for your specific story.

The best way to approach a real estate agent is with a mortgage pre-qualification1 in hand. It shows that you’re ready and able to buy.

Work with an agent you love! Now that you know what price range you are looking in, you can focus exclusively on searching for your new home.

Your finances and assets are thoroughly evaluated. We may request other documentation from you if needed. You are almost there!

Congratulations, your loan is approved! All requirements have been met and you are clear to close. Loosen up your fingers, it’s time to prepare for the closing table.

Be sure to read all the documents you receive and ask any questions you may have. After you’ve signed everything, unlock your door and celebrate your new home!

TIP: Be responsive. Once you qualify for a mortgage, you’ll receive conditional approval. We may require additional documentation. Make sure to respond promptly to keep your application moving forward.

1. Pre-qualification is neither pre-approval nor a commitment to lend; you must submit additional information for review and approval.


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