Unlock the Home of Your Dreams

Building your dream home or transforming your current property into the perfect living space requires careful planning and the right financial support. At George Mason Mortgage, we specialize in providing tailored mortgage solutions for new construction, renovations, and bridge loans. With our extensive knowledge of construction and renovation financing and exceptional customer service, we are here to help turn your dreams into a reality.

Home Construction Lending: Our Home Construction Lending Program offers comprehensive financing options that cover the entire process from lot/property acquisition to the completion of your new home. Our One-Time Close Construction Program streamlines the process by allowing you to secure your permanent mortgage upfront, which locks your post-construction interest rate and terms before construction starts. You can choose from different loan term options, and you have up to 12 months to complete construction, which gives you the flexibility you need to complete your project.

  • Long-Term Rate Locks: We understand that the construction process can take time. With our flexible rate lock options, you can secure your interest rate for up to 270 days. If interest rates decrease during this period, you have the ability to float down to a lower rate one time, at least 10 days prior to closing. This feature provides you with peace of mind and the potential for savings on your mortgage.
  • Renovation Loans: Sometimes, your dream home is just a renovation away. Our renovation loans enable you to purchase a new home or refinance your existing property to finance a wide range of home improvements or add-ons. Whether it’s updating your primary residence, enhancing your vacation home, or investing in a rental property, our renovation loan options provide the necessary funds to turn your vision into reality. We’ll work closely with you to understand your needs and tailor a financing solution that aligns with your goals.
  • Bridge Loans: Bridge financing provides temporary financing that enables you to access the equity in your current home prior to its actual sale to help with the purchase of a new home. Our bridge financing options offer temporary financing that allows you to access the equity in your current home to assist with the purchase of your new home. This flexibility ensures a seamless transition and eliminates the stress of waiting for your existing property to sell before making your dream home a reality.

At George Mason Mortgage, we are dedicated to helping you achieve your homeownership goals. Whether you’re looking to build a custom home, embark on a renovation project, or bridge the gap between properties, our knowledgeable team is here to provide you with competitive mortgage products and award-winning customer service. Let us guide you through the financing process, ensuring a smooth and successful journey toward your dream home. Contact us today to take the first step towards unlocking the home of your dreams.

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