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My personal goal during the entire loan process is to make sure your home purchase or refinance remains an exciting and stress-free time! You have enough things to worry about with a huge life-changing event such as a home purchase, and the modern complicated mortgage process should not be one of them. I will deliver, quite simply, the easiest mortgage process possible in the industry today. I remain your direct point of contact during your entire loan process; no other processors or assistants will be communicating with you.
Please read my Testimonials and you will see that I deliver a consistently positive experience.

The George Mason Mortgage Difference
I’m often asked me to explain the difference between the processes with us (backed by a community bank) vs. the process at the “big banks.” First, let’s take a look at the big banks.

Most big banks have processing and underwriting functions located hallway around the country. The result of this chain of contracting is bad customer service, slow turnaround times, and an inferior level of service. Delays can put the entire transaction into jeopardy.

We have taken a different approach. Our in-house underwriters, processors, and closers are experts in their field and are trained to process everything ahead of schedule. This efficiency allows us to issue appraisal approvals and full financing commitments within 7-10 days of contract ratification. This turnaround time can be the difference in getting your client’s offer accepted in a multiple bid environment.

We left the “big bank” model in order to change this industry for the better. We will continue to create and refine processes that help us provide better services to the agents and clients we serve.

How Tough is Today’s Mortgage Market?
As a prospective home-buyer, you may have heard rumblings about how difficult it is to quickly establish a loan in today’s economic climate. Many people in the industry claim that last-minute underwriting conditions are just par for the course and how getting a timely, accurate appraisal back is a crap-shoot. They talk about how the mortgage business is very, very hard.

That is not what you’ll experience with us. Here’s why:
  • Our in-office underwriting, processing, and closing let us close on your schedule, in as little as two weeks.
  • We never have any last-minute conditions of any kind. My underwriters Kim and Ann make any conditions clear early in the process.
  • Our local appraisers (who each have at least 15 years of experience in the area) return high-quality appraisals in deadlines to make your contract offer more competitive.
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Whether you’re ready to start the mortgage process or just want to learn more about your options, contact Nick Pakulla today.
We’ll be glad to answer your questions and help you get started on buying or refinancing your next home.
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