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We love hearing from our neighbors who we’ve worked with in the past about their experiences. Read on to learn more about some of the people we’ve helped in the past, or if you’d like to get in touch, fill out the contact form to the right.

Everything was great! Nick was very responsive, and related immediately to all requests!

Nick provided excellent customer service. He was very quick to respond to questions and very quick to return phone calls.

Nick was excellent and was very quick to respond to us and had our loan complete way before closing with no issues. His response time and professionalism was exceptional. We were very thankful to have been able to work with him.
Matthew and Lauren

We’d like to thank you for your guidance during our first home buying experience. Not only did you make the final portion stressless, but were also a great help with our questions and concerns. Even the seller’s agent mentioned how on top of things you were. Thanks so much again for all your help!
Perry & Jess

Nick came through on everything he promised. There were no surprises and the rates were great!
Scott and Jennifer

Nick’s service was excellent. He answered all of our questions promptly and efficiently. He walked us through the process and made it a very smooth transaction.
Matthew and Heather

Nick was available to answer our many questions extremely well. He was prompt responding to us and really assured us that we made the correct choice for our mortgage. He was a tremendous help to our home buying process.
Steve and Maura

Nick stayed on top of many moving pieces during the transaction, especially the HELOC subordination to allow everything to close on time.
Heather and David

Nick is an awesome loan officer to deal with. Always helpful, has lots of patience to explain things, a first time home buyer like me, needs to know. He was accessible anytime, prompt to return our calls and best of all we got a great interest rate. We could meet him personally several time and our experience with him great.

Nick was excellent throughout the entire process. Nick worked hard to find us the best rate and terms and made my refinance seamless and worry free. We have been through several refinance / purchases, and this was the best experience.
Matthew and Denise

Nick provided top-notch service! Efficiency and attention to detail were superb from beginning to end.
Samantha and Sean

Nick and his team are the best. Nick really excelled at professionalism, cooperation, and excellent team work.
Bakul and Neha

Nick was great. We really appreciated his quick responses, in depth explanations, his ability to innovate when presented with a problem, and he ability to give clear detailed responses.

Nick had excellent communication and was able to get the job done in a timely manner.
Antoine and Shonelle

Mr. Pakulla was very knowledgeable and went above and beyond to ensure our loan process and closing went through without any problems. Mr. Pakulla did everything to ensure service was exceptionally professional and we were able to complete everything in the timeframe needed. It was a relief to know we did not have to worry.
Vincent and Christine

Nick has great communication, he was very responsive and flexible. There isn’t much we can think of that he or his team could have done to improve the overall experience.
Howard and Christa

Nick worked with us very well and responded quickly. Nick and his team were excellent.
Michael and Stephanie

We really liked how Nick took the time to explain the different loan options.
Mark and Rebecca

Nick was great. We really appreciated the guidance he gave throughout the process.
Vyacheslav and Yelena

Nick was timely in all correspondence, and he was able to answer all of our questions. We loved him!
Morgan and Donald

Nick was great. He would answer my emails or call anytime and replied very quickly. He explained things simply in a way we could understand.
Matthew and Laura

Nick is the only mortgage officer who thoroughly explained all of my options, point out both positives and negatives. This was especially important because my prior refinance with a different bank actually left me worse off financially. I would recommend Nick to friends without hesitation!

The speed of Nick’s responsiveness was outstanding! We wouldn’t want to deal with anyone else who didn’t have great knowledge, service, integrity, and competitive rates.
Sidney and Deborah

Nick was very helpful through the whole process. He explained everything well and had good communication.

Nick was very professional. He was always available when we needed him. We’re very satisfied with his service.
Francisco and Maria

Nick was a pleasure to work with. He was very thorough and thoughtful in the process. He was very quick to respond and expedited our loan approval too!
Jason and Carolin

We are very satisfied with Nick. I can’t think of anything he could have done better. He was always available evenings and weekends. He was always patient and explained all the details exceptionally well.
Peter and Karen

Nick spent time with us working out various scenarios. He helped us find the best option for our needs.
Jill and Kevin

I would recommend Nick, what I liked was he always answered his phone. With children this is very important as I have short windows of time in which I can speak. I also got the sense that he was not trying to rush me through a conversation when I had questions or didn’t understand something. This definitely sets him apart from other lenders I’ve deal with in the past.

Nick, thank you so much for all you did to assist us with this major purchase. Both of us were glad we got your name from our realtor. You were able to give us the assurance and confidence needed to buy our first house and for that we are both truly grateful.
Ray and Kavita

Nick was always available to answer our questions. He provided us with a pre-approval letter on short notice during a bank holiday and had all of the details with the loan wrapped up well before our closing date.
Brad and Amanda

We called Nick after dealing with another bank that we were unhappy with. Nick was very knowledgeable and even caught a couple of items the other bank had incorrect. He was very efficient with quick email responses.
Chris and Leslie

Nick was very responsive on all questions. I was particularly impressed that he came to our closing, that was a first for us!

Nick was always available, we knew we could call or email anytime, at night or on weekends and he was always quick to reply.
Benjamin and Mary

We really appreciated the local underwriting. Nick was very quick when it came time for the preapproval letter. He had exceptional, and very much appreciated service and patience during the home purchase process.

Nick thoroughly explained all of the options available to us. He responded quickly to questions, and suggest a solid loan solution that enabled a home purchase. It was a pleasure working with him.

Nick provided persona attention and was expedient!

Nick was easy to get in touch with. He responded quickly to questions, and was willing to explain everything thoroughly.

Nick was proactive in anticipating our needs as clients. He addressed everything preemptively and was always one step ahead.
Vaibhav and Pavni

Nick provided a fantastic experience! We really liked that the loan was delivered to the title company well in advance of settlement.
Brian and Shannon

Nick explained everything thoroughly and patiently. He also was always available to answer any of our questions.
David and Lonnie

Nick was great to work with, he kept us up to date with the status of our loan and met the closing deadline we were against. Rates and closing costs were fair. Overall a very easy process and we would definitely use Nick Pakulla again,.

Nick was an excellent banker. We were from out of state and the process was seamless. He not only gave a timeline and clear expectations, but also went further to explain the process and background to us.

Nick made himself available day or night to answer our questions and concerns. We would highly recommend!

Nick was very helpful and contacted me often throughout the process. He kept me at ease and was able to answer all of my questions.

Nick was great with answering all of my questions in a timely manner. He run different monthly payment numbers on a large number of properties which really helped in my home purchase decision making.

Nick was fantastic. He was in constant communication with me throughout the home buying process. He was very knowledgeable and reassuring. I would definitely recommend him!

Nick was an excellent loan officer. He responded to inquiries, both phone and email, quickly and provided knowledgeable responded to our questions. He works hard and is good at what he does.
Victoria and Nicholas

Nick was quick to respond to inquiries and was very knowledgeable about all that was transpiring during our purchase process. Everything was excellent!

Nick we thoroughly enjoyed working with you, and highly appreciate your clear/ concise / on-time communication with us and the title company throughout the entire purchase process. Even our realtor praised your services. We highly recommend you to our friends and family.

The title company we used was very complimentary to both you and your bank for getting everything to them ahead of time. It made everything easier and less stress. That you for everything that you did, I’ll have good things to say about you whenever the subject of mortgages comes up.

Nick provided a very quick turnaround. Nick provided very clear level headed advice and great overall service.

Nick did a great job. We appreciated that he was constantly available.
David and Laurie

Nick was a pleasure to work with. His knowledge of the market and attention to detail was excellent. He communicated regularly and worked hard to complete every phase of the mortgage process.
Andrew and Kathy

Communication was good. I always knew what was going on. We would highly recommend Nick Pakulla to family and friends.
Kenneth and Lisa

Nick provided excellent follow up and accessibility. He was clear and concise throughout the entire loan process. He is a very nice person and a pleasure to deal with.
John and Sharon

I was very satisfied with Mr. Pakulla’s service. He went out of his way to make sure all of the pieces were in place and make it easy to refinance.

Nick we would like to give you our sincere thanks for all of your assistance throughout this process. We know that you put in some long hours, responded to several timely requests and we are grateful. We feel our loan financing is in good hands.
David and Mary

Nick was an incredible mortgage loan officer. He was a pleasure to work with, always prompt, always accessible, and always looking out for me. Even the title company was shocked to see that he joined us at settlement. I got the best mortgage deal in history! I couldn’t have asked for a better first-time home buyer’s experience.

Nick and his team were truly amazing!!!! From the 10% down with seller credit for closing costs, to the easy online application, to the extremely rapid underwriting, appraisal and heroic patience and support with a seller who did not close for 3 1/2 months. Nick was always available by cell even on Christmas Eve. I love him. With Nick, you will not have to worry about your loan!

Nick made our home buying experience extremely easy! He was always in contact, whether it be through email or phone conversations. He kept us up-to-date about documents that were needed the entire time. He’s also been very willing to give me advice or explain the technical jargon that goes with buying or refinancing a house – something I found extremely helpful and valuable! I would highly recommend working with Nick Pakulla.

Great loan officer. Nick was great to work with. He was prompt with answering and explaining my questions–even redundant ones. He was readily available to answer any of my questions, and he was always patient, thoughtful, and detailed in all of his responses. Thanks, Nick, for making my refinancing effortless.
Tim and Mary

Nick was great! He was very organized and responsive. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a mortgage. The entire process was hassle-free.
Nick was great to work with, he was very prompt with answering and explaining any questions I had. He ran through multiple down payment and financing scenarios for different properties and options that I was considering and did a great job of explaining everything that goes into the closing costs and the rest of the home buying process. I would highly recommend Nick to anyone.
Tony and Rebecca

We were extremely pleased with Nick from day one. This was our first home, and he was so patient and easy to work with throughout the entire experience. When we first contacted him, he spent his entire evening walking through what we could expect and afford. He was ALWAYS responsive to our needs, took the time to explain things that we did not understand, and was quick and thorough with every step of the process. We were never worried about what our next step was, because we could count on Nick to guide us through it. Even the seller’s agent remarked on how well he did. We definitely recommend him to anyone buying.
Erin and John

Professional and knowledgeable. Nick was wonderful to work with. He was accessible, helpful and very efficient. He made the refinance process painless. I highly recommend him.
M. T.

When the big-name lender I’d been working with denied my application at the eleventh hour for absurd quibbles, Nick was there to help me out. With only a week until closing, he was able to get me approved for a loan with a great rate and competitive terms so that I could buy the house I wanted on time. He did a phenomenal job and was very responsive and easy to work with.
Kevin and Rebecca

My wife and I had an excellent home-buying experience with Nick – Easy application process, excellent communication, and all of the details wrapped up well before our closing date. Nick also readily answered questions, provided a pre-approval letter on short-notice during a bank holiday, and matched a competitor’s rate.
Kim and Mike

After dealing with multiple other lenders, including credit unions, nothing beat what Nick and his team was able to pull together. Definitely recommend Nick to anyone buying or refinancing their home. There’s a good reason for his other 5-star ratings, he is extremely professional and very dedicated to providing you with the best loan option available.
Peter and Fran

Nick was a great loan officer to work with. Very responsive and knowledgeable. After having a bad experience with a different loan officer and company several years ago, it’s good to know that there are still professionals with integrity out there.
Washington, D.C.

Nick was great! He answered all our questions and was able to get us an excellent rate on our loan. He answered e-mails and phone messages really quickly. I’m really happy we went with this lender.
First-Time Buyer in Rockville, MD

Nick provided quick responses (day and night) by email and phone, and ensured that our financing process went seamlessly. Everything was completed early or on time and with great customer service.
First-Time Buyer in North Bethesda, MD

We consulted with several mortgage lenders ranging from Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Navy Federal, and many online lenders. Nick was the best loan officer we have come across till date. We highly recommend Nick and advise you to consult with him before you settle with a Mortgage Lender.

We have done a few real estate transactions in the past so I can say with experience that Nick was the best loan officer I’ve come across. Our home purchase was done out of town and I must say that it was as though Nick was just down the road from us. There was not one point in the process that Nick wasn’t readily available to do whatever was needed. The execution and service was flawless. I highly recommend Nick for anyone’s future loan needs

We have financed many properties through our lives and Nick provided the fastest, most professional service of anyone. I am sure you also will be impressed with the quality of his work.

This was the second time I was buying home but Nick was MUCH better that my first loan officer. He excels in areas that other loan officers take for granted. He was quick to respond to any questions that I had (weekend or not) and would take the time to answer any questions. From what I can remember he picked up the phone every time I called and even showed up at settlement to make sure everything went smooth. I would certainly recommend him to anyone looking to buy a home!

My husband and I were also 1st time home buyers and Nick was a tremendous help throughout the loan process. He always got back to us quickly, even on weekends, and patiently took time to explain every step along the way. Nick was also really easy to talk to and always came through on his end of the deal. I also highly recommend Nick!

I was also a first-time home buyer, and Nick impressed me with his attentiveness and willingness to guide me through the tricky mortgage process. He was very knowledgeable and was honest about sharing his advice and information with me as his customer. He even came to my closing, which was again a sign of his willingness to help. I would highly recommend working with him.

Working with Nick as a first-time home buyer was an excellent experience, and I would recommend him to anyone looking for a mortgage lender. I was referred to him by my Realtor and filled out his online mortgage application. He called me within a few hours to tell me he’d received my application and run a credit check. He remained that responsive to my questions throughout the process. I knew I could count on him for honest advice on the type of mortgage I should get, how much house I could afford, and even what a looming government shutdown meant for the market in general and my settlement in particular. From application to closing, Nick ensured that everything went smoothly and as quickly as possible.

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