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This is a true story you want to read. I closed Friday 6/30/2017 thanks to Michelle McCullough at George Mason.

About 4pm less than a week before my closing date I received a call from the manager of the mortgage company I was working with. He told me that their employee, the Processor I was working with, did not provide the correct information about the mortgage product with Maryland down payment assistance that I was offered.  He went on to explain that they did not have any product to offer me at that time. I asked what he could do help with this as I had made all the decisions and formulated the offer on the house based on the information provided by his employee.
A couple of hours later he called me, apologized, then said: “This is what I’m going to do. I know someone who doesn’t work at my firm but if anyone can get you your house, SHE CAN! I am forwarding your file to her and she will be giving you a call.” 
The phone range about 8pm and it was Michelle McCullough from George Mason Mortgage. She fired of a boatload off questions and after I answered them to the best of my ability, she said: “I don’t work with anyone I can’t close, I will call you in the morning to let you know what I can do.” Just as she promised she called and the whole thing started.
She worked on my loan day and night, she responded to every question, every fear, and even me wanting to give up and walk away. She was demanding and caring all at the same time.  I’ve never met anyone so committed and so energized.
It was a ‘Michelle-nado’. She was able to find a product, get me qualified, and get the CDA in TWO WEEKS!!!!!

It was amazing. She crossed every T dotted every I, followed the process, and performed a miracle.
I am so grateful to Michelle and the team that worked with her. I hope you take the time to recognized the amazing work she does.
Warm regards,
D. Shelton

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