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Security & Peace Of Mind

Looking for your dream home is an exciting time. Fluctuating interest rates can cause uncertainty while you are searching for your new home. With GMM’s Lock & Shop + Safe Rate Protection you can be sure your interest rate is locked AND if interest rates decrease, you can negotiate a lower rate.

Lock & Shop

Instead of locking in your interest rate after you’ve chosen your home, Lock & Shop allows you to determine your interest rate first and lock it in for 90 days, then go shop for your home.1

  • Peace of Mind
    By locking in a rate before you search for a home, you can be assured your rate won’t change.
  • Homebuyers Advantage
    Gain the advantage in a competitive market by knowing exactly what you can afford when submitting an offer to purchase.
  • Potentially Save Money
    Even a small interest rate increase could cause a possible budget problem, now you can be confident about what your payment will be up front.
  • Shop with ConfidenceBy knowing your exact budget, you can make an offer on your dream home without worrying about fluctuating interest rates.

Safe Rate Protection

Safe Rate Protection is an interest rate negotiation option available on some of our mortgage programs. It protects your interest rate and provides the option to potentially lower your rate should rates drop within a specified time and for a certain percentage.

  • Feel Confident
    After you’ve locked your interest rate, have the security of knowing that if interest rates fall, you can potentially negotiate to a lower rate during the lock period.  
  • Protection
    Since your interest rate is locked-in your rate will not increase.
  • Skip the Fee
    GMM does not charge additional fees for a one-time interest rate renegotiation as most lenders do.
  • Less Stress
    Interest rates can be unpredictable, Safe Rate Protection takes that stress off the table.
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1. Valid property address must be established within 45 days of lock date. This is not a pre-qualification. 2. Once valid property has been established, applicants may negotiate a lower interest rate one time at least 10 days prior to settlement if rates improve by at least .25%. Additional terms, limitations and conditions may apply.
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