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The Maryland Mortgage Program

The Maryland Mortgage Program is a safe and secure loan from Maryland’s Housing Finance Agency and the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development. This program provides home loans and down payment assistance to Maryland’s working families to encourage home ownership and build stronger communities in the state of Maryland.
You can apply for this program if you are buying home in Maryland that will be your primary residence. It is designed for first-time homebuyers and those who have not owned or been on the title of a principal residence anywhere in the last three years. Applicants must also meet household income standards as determined by the Maryland Housing Finance Agency. If you are considering purchasing a home within the state of Maryland, the Maryland Mortgage Program and the Maryland Mortgage Grant Assist Program could be the solution you’ve been looking for. Contact me today to find out if this program might be the answer to your dream of homeownership in the state of Maryland.

George Mason Mortgage is proud to be a “Gold Level Lender” on the Maryland Mortgage Program’s approved lender list.

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