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Tips For A Smooth Loan Process

Helpful tips to ensure an effortless loan approval:

DO stay current on your obligations
DO keep your current job
DO keep your credit cards open
DO call us if you have questions

DON’T take on new credit
DON’T make new purchases
DON’T max out your credit cards
DON’T consolidate debts onto 1 or 2 cards
DON’T close any credit card accounts
DON’T transfer balances between cards
DON’T make any large deposits besides payroll

Useful information:

  • Any deposit of over $500 that is not payroll related will need to be sourced to be compliant with mortgage regulations.
  • If you plan on making any cash deposits, please consult with us first.
  • You will need to have a homeowner’s policy 10 days prior to closing.
What Do I Need To Apply?
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