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Bridge Loans

George Mason Mortgage, LLC presents our exclusive Bridge Financing. If you are in the process of buying a home and still haven't sold your existing home, a Bridge Loan is a useful option to consider. This loan is commonly used to purchase a new home with additional collateral.

What are the Key Benefits of a Bridge Loan for Qualified Borrowers?

  1. You can immediately put your home on the market and buy without restrictions.
  2. A Bridge Loan allows you to purchase a new home without the contingency to sell your old home.
  3. Bridge Financing allows you utilize the equity in your current home to purchase your new home.
  4. We can provide up to 100% financing for your new purchase by using your current home as collateral.
  5. Once your current home is sold, George Mason Mortgage will refinance the Bridge Loan to a permanent loan of your choice.

Not sure if a bridge loan is the best choice for you? With access to the best products, programs and personnel in the business George Mason Mortgage has the solutions to fit your unique financing needs. 


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