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VA Loans

Are you a military veteran looking for affordable home financing?
A VA Home Loan may be the perfect solution. Over 27 million veterans and service personnel are eligible. Guaranteed by the US Government, this program offers a number of notable benefits.
This program features:
  • Low Fixed-Rate & Adjustable-Rate Loans
  • No mortgage insurance
  • Loan Amount up to $1,500,000
  • 100% Financing up to $679,650 (county restrictions apply)*
  • No Down Payment Required (in most cases)
  • Assumable
  • Right to Prepay Loan Without Penalty
  • Seller Can Pay All Customary Closing Costs
  • Seller Can Pay up to 4% of Sales Price (and/or pay off debt to qualify)
  • Certificate of Eligibility Required

VA Funding Fee will vary between 0% - 3.3%, depending on:
  • VA Loan Type (purchase or refinance)
  • Whether this is your first time to use your entitlement
  • If you are a disabled veteran
  • Down payment/equity
  • If you served active duty or National Reserves/Guard


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