We are happy to share that George Mason Mortgage (GMM) has proudly consolidated its mortgage origination activities with United Bank’s Mortgage Department to provide a best-in-class mortgage offering. This transition will not impact our service to our customers – it will only enhance our ability to provide the same top-notch mortgage solutions and personalized care we have always strived to deliver. We remain dedicated to taking care of our customers and promoting homeownership throughout our footprint. 

Looking for a Loan

If you are interested in learning about United Bank mortgage loans and products, please visit the United Bank website: 
Mortgages (bankwithunited.com)

Loan Application in Process

If you have an active GMM application (meaning you have received a Loan Estimate, your loan is in underwriting, and are actively working with a Mortgage Loan Officer to close the loan), you can reach your Mortgage Loan Officer and their team by using the same email addresses and phone numbers you have been using. In the alternative you may email us by completing the contact form below or calling us.

Payments and Servicing

The George Mason Mortgage Servicing Department is available to answer any questions you may have in regards to servicing your loan needs.

How do I pay my first mortgage?

Your payment coupon will be in your closing package. Currently, GMM does not accept online or phone payments. For any payment questions, contact GMM’s Servicing Department by calling (800) 867-6859, Monday – Friday, 8:30AM – 5:00PM and we will directly connect you to an available Servicing Associate.

Transfer of Service

It is common practice for a mortgage lender to sell your mortgage loan, also referred to as a transfer, which means you will then be submitting payment to a new servicer or the new owner but that may not always be the case.

If your loan is transferred, the terms and conditions of your original mortgage agreement with GMM will remain the same. A lender cannot change the terms, balance or interest rate of the loan from those set forth in the documents you originally signed. The payment amount should not change and it will not have an impact on your credit score.

How will I know my loan has transferred?

When your loan is transferred, you will receive a “goodbye letter” from GMM containing all the information of the new servicer, along with a “welcome letter” from your new service provider containing their contact information.

When will the transfer typically happen?

The transfer typically happens after your first mortgage payment, which will be to GMM. Once your loan has been transferred, direct any questions regarding the servicing of your loan to the new service provider.

What if I mistakenly make my mortgage payment to GMM after it is transferred?

After the transfer of your loan, you will have a 60 day grace period following the effective date of the transfer. During this time you cannot be charged a late fee if you mistakenly send your mortgage payment to the GMM servicing department. If during that 60 day grace period a mortgage payment is received by GMM, our servicing department will forward the payment to your current service provider.

Will my insurance company be notified?

Yes, we will notify and send your insurance company updated information so the correct mortgage company can be billed. It’s important to maintain the required property insurance on your home.

What if I received a letter but I’m not sure it’s from George Mason Mortgage?

When you move, many records become public information. This means that parties interested in selling you products and services can freely get data on you from your deed recording within a week or two after closing. Because part of the information recorded includes the lender, companies that are trying to deceive you may attempt to sell you products or services and represent themselves as George Mason Mortgage. We take the protection of your information extremely seriously. If you have any questions about something you’ve received, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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George Mason Mortgage’s

Community Cares Grant

Down Payment & Closing Cost Assistance

Up To $10,000 or 3% of the Purchase Price

No Repayment & No Lien

Introducing... GMM Connect

George Mason Mortgage understands the path to meeting your home financing goals is as unique as you are. GMM Connect is our customized, seamless digital homebuying experience designed to provide you with a personal, secure and transparent mortgage solution. We connect intuitive technology and an experienced mortgage team to help you build your brighter future.
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GMM Grants

Down Payment & Closing Cost Assistance Programs

Do you dream of owning a home, but have limited funds for a down payment and closing costs? One of our GMM Cares Grant programs may be the answer to your home buying dreams.  

GMM Grants*

Down Payment & Closing Cost Assistance Programs

Do you dream of owning a home, but have limited funds for a down payment and closing costs? One of our GMM Cares Grant programs may be the answer to your home buying dreams.
*Grant Programs are only available in select market areas. Not all applicants are eligible.

g m m cares home is where the heart is

GMM Cares

Home is where the heart is. We understands the financial impact and stability a home can provide. We are proud to support our communities and our neighbors, helping you find the path to home ownership and the financial security that comes with owning a home.

Build Your Career with GMM

At GMM, our inclusive and diverse culture is what powers our work. Collectively, what we share is a passion for more—for making a difference by building a brighter future through homeownership for families and community involvement across our region. Come as you are and do what you love.

What Our Clients Are Saying...

Kathleen J.
Read More
This is my second time using George Mason Mortgage! I was kept advised during the whole process. They are a very highly professional skilled team and would recommend them to anyone who is looking to finance a new home or refinance.
Lisa M.
Read More
The whole process was smooth even though I know tons of people were refinancing. I was kept up to date. Very smooth process. Closing was a breeze and I felt confident in the company/person doing the closing! Thanks GM Bank!
Judith L.
Read More
During these odd times of trying to accommodate and make this process go smoothly, George Mason Mortgage has accomplished the closing with safety and kindness. Thank you.
Ely M.
Read More
All the people were forthcoming and professional. The process was so smooth and I will definitely recommend George Mason Mortgage LLC to anyone who is looking for home or to refinance.
Gary B.
Read More
Our recent experience was so easy, straightforward, and exacting in every way. They are true professionals, they were willing to assist us in every aspect. We are of the age where we needed just a bit more help with the computer aspect of the loan and all the staff was so understanding and walked us right through the process. This is an A++ company. Great people, we highly recommend them.
Lisa L.
Read More
As a first time home buyer I had no idea what to expect. Terry kept in touch with me and explained everything to me. We worked together to make this experience wonderful.

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